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1500 Website Members16/12/2018We now have in excess of 1500 website members. We welcome all new members and want to say a big thank you... Read More
6k Members08/12/2018We have reached another great round number. We now have over 6000 Facebook Group Members. Thank You :)... Read More
1400 Website Members06/12/2018We have now exceeded 1400 Website Members.We welcome all new members and want to say a big thank you to all... Read More
Over 20,000 Downloads03/12/2018This week we surpassed 20,000 Downloads. We Thank you for your continued support :)... Read More
Articles Section - Live17/11/2018I have decided to add an "Articles" Section. I review various products for companies and write various... Read More
Forum Removal17/11/2018After weeks of consideration I've decided to remove the CNC File Sharing Forum. In all Honesty, it wasn't... Read More
Updated News Feed16/11/2018We have updated our news feed system... I have now finally made the News Feed extension (been on hold... Read More
Users Tag Line05/10/2018We have added a "Tag Line" on your user profile. This "Tag Line" will be visible on all your file pages -... Read More
User Profiles30/09/2018Basic User Profile Functionality Now Available!. We have enabled viewing and basic updating of user... Read More
1k Website Members29/09/2018Thank you for all your support! We now have over 1000 Website Members!. :)... Read More
Files Policy21/09/2018PLEASE Make sure you only share files YOU own or have approval for. We have now added a "Confirmation Box"... Read More
5k Members18/09/2018We have reached a MILESTONE! 5000 Facebook Group Members! & OVER 900 Website Members!... Thank you for... Read More
NEW MEMBERS - September 201803/09/2018We have reached a SUPER 4800 Facebook Group Members! & OVER 800 Website Members!... Thank you for all... Read More
Copyright Options18/08/2018We have now added a Copyright Option to Your Uploads. This is now also displayed in searches & File... Read More
Search Form Update14/08/2018Making Searching Easier... We have added a new field to the Files Search Form... You can now order your... Read More
NEW MEMBERS - August 201813/08/2018We have reached a CRAZY 4600 Facebook Group Members! & OVER 700 Website Members!... Thank you for all... Read More
Minor Updates - August 201810/08/2018MOST POPULAR Downloads... The Homepage now shows 8 "Most Popular" files and Now 8 "Latest Files" rather... Read More
Multiple Uploads Form18/07/2018We have again made it a little easier to use CNC File Sharing. You can now Upload multiple Files at... Read More
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