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Website Notifications16/11/2019We have implemented and trying out a notification system if anyone is interested. just click allow... Read More
10K Website Members31/07/2019Wow again in only 3 weeks we have another 1000 new members taking us upto a massive 10,000 members. Thanks... Read More
9000 Website Members08/07/2019Wow 1000 new members in 3 weeks. We have now reached a whopping 9k website members. Cant wait to see what... Read More
We have now FULLY activated HTTPS.04/07/2019We have now Fully activated HTTPS.If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.Thanks... Read More
HTTPS Implementation04/07/2019We have now activated HTTPS.Our system is encrypted to a high standard where is necessary. but you can now... Read More
8000 Website Members15/06/2019Again we have exceeded another thousand on our website members. 8000 website members and still... Read More
7k Website Members23/05/2019Wow. After reaching 7000 facebook members the other day we now have reached a massive 7000 website members... Read More
7k Facebook Members20/05/2019We have now reached a massive 7k members on our facebook group. Are you a member? Checkout Facebook... Read More
5000 Website Members30/03/2019Wow Thank you. We now have over 5000 website members. 1000 of which are in the last month. Along with that... Read More
Happy 1st Birthday cncfilesharing.com18/03/2019Well it is officially 1 year since the purchase of The site wasnt launched till a while... Read More
4k Website Members05/03/2019Whoooop! 4000 Website Members. Thanks for the Support :)... Read More
Fixed Issue01/03/2019Hi folks. Anyone registered on the site with a account you may have noticed not recieveing every... Read More
3500 Website Members22/02/201910 Days, 500 New Members - Keep Sharing - Thanks for your Support! :)... Read More
1000 Uploads18/02/2019We now have over 1000 Uploads, Thanks People! Keep Sharing! :)... Read More
3k Website Members13/02/2019Thanking you all for helping reach this milestone. 3K website members. :) Thanks... Read More
2600 Website Members02/02/2019Well what an Overwhelming 2600 Website Members. Thanks :) Keep you eyes peeled for some updates coming this... Read More
Happy 1st Birthday17/01/2019It's CNC File Sharing''s Facebook Groups 1st Birthday! Just want to thank you for you continued support... Read More
2k Website Members06/01/2019As always we would like to thank you for your continued support. We now have in excess of 2000 website... Read More
Merry Christmas 201824/12/2018I just want to wish all of you, however it is you celebrate your 25th December an amazing, enjoyable day. I... Read More
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