40mm Bath Plug MeshDESignz

40mm Bath Plug Mesh

Simple But Very Effective Drain Filter Tested In Bath & Sink & Catches Hair In Bath And All The Other Crap In A Sink. No Restriction To Flow Of Water Draining (unless Your Mesh Is Doing Its Job And Catching All The Waste) Printed In PLA But Ideally Another Material Be Better - If Tap Water Gets To Hot Or Kettle Poured Down Sink Can Deform Slightly But Still Doesnt Affect Usage - And Hey... If It F's Up.... Print Another! 40mm Diameter. 1mm Thick. The Border Is 2mm And Each Crosshatch Line Is 1.6mm Wide. Designed To Run In Conjuntion With My .4mm Nozzle.
Notes: Printed With A 0.4mm Nozzle (5 Perimeters Make The Outside Border 4 Lines Make Each Cross Hatch) Layer Heights Of 0.2 (5 Layers = 1mm) Material... Well Thats Up To You - Tho I Printed Using Hatchbox White PPLA 1.75mm At 190c On A 55c Bed At 80mms

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