RAW CNC 1.5 Unboxing and Overview01/12/2018

We generally don't make many large purchases in life, the biggest usually being a house or car. Well, not if your a CNC nut. With a variety of machines for either home, office or industrial use, and prices ranging from a few hundred to tens, if not hundreds of thousands, it is advised you do some major research before entering the realm of CNC.
Starting with a realistic budget and an idea of what your would like your machine to do. infact make sure you are 100% sure you know what you would like to achieve from using a CNC. i.e. what materials you would like to cut?, what type of jobs etc. this helps narrow down your market considerably leaving you with a budget to think about, which led me to the rawcnc.com.


The machine that ticked pretty much every box i asked for...

RAW CNC 1.5 - Machine Diagram - Belts
DIY & Easy to build (more fun and get to know the machine)
Not to big (maximum 1m x 1m)
Cutting Area minimum 2ft x 2ft
Cut Wood, Plastics, Aluminium
Adaptable (future upgrade - laser etc.)
Strong but Lightweight
No Corrosive/Warp-able Parts (shed use - gets cold/moist)
OHH, and it had to have a
Support Network

RAW CNC 1.5 - Parcel Delivery
That being said i took the dive. This machine comes with a variety of options regarding electronics, running parts etc. I indulged in the full driver electronics as to the GRBL setup and went with belt drive as apposed to rack and pinion.
Again this is where the research comes into play. What do you need? I do plan to eventually upgrade to racks but at this stage belts seems suffice.

It didn't take long (less than a week) to receive my DIY CNC Kit from Sweden.

Below is a video from my YouTube Channel. We un-box and take a look at each part that comes with the RAW CNC 1.5 Belt Drive with Full Electronics Kit.
Be prepared, there is a lot of parts. We have a 12 minute video on our hands but don't worry, you can skip the boring intro at 1m 29s.
I have hours more Videos of the Assembly etc. So make sure you Subscribe for updates.

Parts Quality

5.0 out of 5 Stars


CNC Machines come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs with a variety of capabilities. I believe I made the right choice when ordering my first "Shop Brought" CNC.
After years of research, testing and building my own CNC Machines, I already understood what I needed, however I was fed up of being too fussy and being fussy never helps! I was never really finishing my projects, I would always find something to better it, change or try.
I needed something that come, I can get a little obsessive over but something that had fixed guidelines and worked from the start. it was time to make a move!

The Right Move!

So far it seems I made the right move - the process from ordering, to delivery was smooth. RAW CNC was great in communicating and keeping me updated on the order process. The parcels arrived in great condition and in great time.
The quality of the Parts was spot on. The Tapped holes on all aluminium parts was clean (pre tapped holes is an extra - worth paying the extra). the components was above standard and so far on this DIY CNC Journey I am more than happy!.

Lets get "her" Assembled!


Interested in the RAW CNC 1.5?. Order yours direct from the RAW CNC website.

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