Opt Lasers PLH3D-2W Review27/06/2018

Shine bright like a beautiful, 2W laser

With such a vast amount of diode lasers on the market that are suitable for use on a CNC machine, its hard to decide which way to go. Cheap Chinese laser modules seem popular amongst hobby users, after all the price on majority of them makes a viable option. So why spend 2-3x more?

Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W
OptLasers.com solely work with lasers. Opt Lasers offer a variety of power output lasers for home and industry. With this company concentrating only on lasers means time has been spent researching and perfecting just that.
I would not dismiss Chinese companies, but what model is the laser? Who made it? Guaranteed the laser is made by another company just rebranded so - unless you have done your research and know that theres information shared by other customers, what if there is a problem, is there direct support?. The answer simply is no.
With a company like Opt Lasers your not just buying a product that looks good - and boy do they look good, but your buying expertise, support, a product that has had time to be perfected to run peak for its purpose and the Opt Lasers PLH3D-2W does just that.
Thats right! Impressed is not the word for this low powered diode laser. running at 405nm. The beautiful blue spectrum cuts most materials chucked at it with ease, Including Plastics and Wood.
Ok, so it doesn't cut like a warm knife through butter but with a little patience it cuts 3 mm (1/8 inch) ply and acrylic like a dream!

Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W Wiring
I personally have been using the PLH3D-2W in a GRBL setup. a simple 4 wires - 2 for power (12v) and 2 for PWM (5v) make connecting easy.
We are not limited to a simple GRBL system either, this and all other devices from Opt Lasers can be used on a variety of Software's including Mach3 as well as a variety of Machines including RAW CNC.

I have tested the PLH3D-2W on a variety of projects including:- Dog Tags, Wooden Boxes, Engraved Plaques, testing a variety of materials including:- Hard Wood, Ply Wood, Perspex, Foamboard & More.

Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W Engraved THC CBD Plaques
Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W Cutting Plywood 1 Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W Cutting Plywood 2 Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W Cutting Plywood 3
Opt Lasers PLH3D 2W Engraved Name Plaque
Not only is the PLH3D-2W great for Engraving but has proved great for cutting Paper, Wood, Plastics etc.
Don't just take my word for it... See it in action below with videos from my YouTube Channel!

Technical Specifications

4.5 out of 5 Stars


As stated previously, Impressed! I haven't been able to compare to a "cheap Chinese" Laser but with the process i have experienced from obtaining the laser to this point i have no regrets. The quality of the product, the quality of its output, any dealings with the company have all been above all expectations.
The basic setup was so simple and depending on which model / extra's you purchase the setup only gets easier. Opt Lasers have designed a unique mount so no fiddling with wires (like i do) each time you come to use it - simply mount it onto the fixed magnetic mount - check out there website for more information regarding these extra's.
As well as a simple setup, using this device was so easy and the results as proven above are amazing!
I would of like to have seen a nice case for this product, it comes "bare" so to speak, I had to design and print my own case (download) - i like to make sure things are looked after, especially an item like this.
After spending time using this more project ideas flow and i now want the 6W, or even 12W Opt Lasers Laser, this is ideal for general engraving but i want faster cut outs - though being Diode its never gonna compete with a Co2 Laser, so if you are looking for cutting alot rather than engraving - Co2 may be the way... One day!

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