Geeetech PLA Filament Review03/12/2018

Geeetech PLA... It's all white!

I do a lot of prototyping and I tend to stick to only using black and white 3D Printer Filaments. Over the last 2-3 years I have tried so many different brands. I have budgeted my buys at around £14/kg and I have spent up to £36/kg buying standard 3D Printer Filaments.
With the 3D Printing market expanding rapidly I have jumped on the wagon so to speak on many brands of Filaments, there are a few brands I tend to now solely rely on depending on the purpose of print required.
Over time I have learnt that it is sometimes worth spending that little more to ensure a better 3D print.
I am quite lucky however to mainly 3D print items that require little or no post processing or, where the finished aesthetics is not always a key factor - giving me space to breathe in a sense of not being fixed to a certain brand. Which means i can go for the cheapest known reliable Filament at the time of purchase.

It just "pops"!

Geeetech PLA Filament White - Printed Small - Jack Skeleton


Whats this got to do with Geeetech's White PLA Filament, I hear you say. Well i have 2 usual go to brands for my Filament, one costing around £14 and the other about £20.
With the quality I have received using Geeetech Filament and with the price it sits at for me to buy in the UK. I would so gladly switch to this just one brand.
The pricing is competitive for the quality in which i feel i have received. it is pretty much on par with my premium £36/kg filament.
The quality of the finished print is remarkable. Not too glossy but not flat. It just "pops"!
No messing about with Pritt Stick glues or Hairspray this just adheres beautifully to both borosilicate glass and my Geeetech A30 Super Plate.
I tested a Small "Jack the Skeleton Bust" from Thingiverse to start, with my usual "safe" speeds and settings I was that impressed I wanted to go bigger, this however meant a lengthy 18 hour print.
So... after a few tweaks. Increasing the speed to 80-100mm, I Made it 2 walls thick rather than the usual 3-4. I reduced the infill to 10% and managed to get the time down to a lovely 3 hours, to which at these feeds/speeds the filament held up great.
Adhesion was consistent at these high speeds, as if i went "safe slow", and the layers? still remained flawless. Bear in mind i ran this at 0.3 mm layer heights for speed.

Geeetech PLA Filament White - Printing - Jack Skeleton

Geeetech PLA Filament White - Printed - Jack Skeleton

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4.5 out of 5 Stars


All in all Geeetech's White PLA Filament is another good competing brand for me to fight with my self over. It out performs my usual suspect brands and is easily on par with my current premium Filament provider.
It is gonna be a war of price for future Filament purchases. Geeetech PLA Filament is consistent, has a clean, sharp color, is adheres layer to layer and to a selection of beds perfectly and its withing a price that suits all.
If your looking for a premium Filament at a competitive price, give Geeetech Filament a go. All else fails, you end up with a pile of spaghetti - we can just call that art! (do not worry - i had no spaghetti!).


Interested in the Geeetech A30?. Order yours direct from Geeetech here.

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