3D Printz PLA Filament Review01/07/2019

It's Been a While!

After reviewing several types of filaments from several company's you would think this would get easier but no. reviewing items without sounding repetitive can be hard.
I recently reviewed Eryone filament and i must now admit and must insist i write up a follow article on that as it became an absolute nightmare.
I did briefly express in my Eryone review but the problem seemed to better itself at the time of writing the review... Since then i have been constantly fighting with the Eryone filament, so this time around i have gave the filament some time, and in future I will not rush into writing reviews on filament. I believe I need to have used at least half a roll to be able to give accurate reviews in future.
That being said! I have been testing some great PLA Filament from 3D Printz LTD. I received a roll of Lake Blue (1000PLABLL) and Crystal Yellow (1000PLACYLW) and i am going to break it down into both filaments.

Before i do i would like to introduce 3D Printz LTD, based in Shropshire, United Kingdom was founded by three, 3D print enthusiasts who spend more time tinkering and playing with 3D printers than is healthy.
Between them, they have decades of experience in quality and manufacturing, information technology and business with laser controlled manufacturing 3D Printz LTD can guarantee a diameter tolerance of just +/- 0.03mm giving a smooth and finely detailed surface to your prints.
Any how.. Upon receipt of the filaments i was impressed.. the filament came in a nice strudy box, containing a nice solid spool (i know this is irrelevant but it looks good ok!), and not only was it nicely heat shrink wrapped but it came with the usual silica pouch :).

Feeling Blue

After the nightmare with the Eryone filament it was such a pleasure to try something different. I am going to start with the Blue PLA. (this is written as i progress over time with the filament)

3D Printz UK Filament - Blue PLA - Featured

Initial Tests - Lake Blue PLA (1000PLABLL)

I am currently sat at the side of the printer with the initial tests started. go big or go home they say and my daughter has been pestering me to make her a fox - so i directed her over to thingiverse and she chose a great geometric fox by [].
After fighting for weeks with bed adhesion on the Eryone filament I was not too confident as to how it will go, I really started to doubt my printer.
As I stand eagerly at the side, staring.. without blinking, waiting for failure only to slowly realize the smile across my face was getting bigger.

No Problem

Instant adhesion, but on the side of caution i did reduce my speed to 80% for the initial layer but i think at full 100% 80mms on this print would of been fine..
I am now on the second layer and increased my speed upto 100% 80mm/s and looking at the nicely wound spool i think i can trust this to just print away while i go for a cuppa...


Well it definitely was not an issue with my printer - this initial print has come out pretty much perfect! layer adhesion seems to be perfect, nice texture, great shine, great feel and just what i like - minimal post processing! - also I can pull and bend and there is no cracking or deforming. lets see how we get on with future prints..

Well its been a few weeks and i have got through most roll of blue and looking at my 3D Printer fails box there is barley any blue mixed in there amount the mass of black. however my box is also full of discarded prints and not just fails.
As you can see with a variety of type of prints chucked at this 3D Printz LTD Filament its constantly performed - the easiness, the quality, the layer adhesion (bed and layer to layer) was always bang on.
The shine is lovely for instant finish prints and if you take your time with a nice speed and layer height the results are phenomenal. I prefer to make stuff that requires little post processing (mainly due to time) and this makes me achieve that with alot less effort and headaches.

3D-Printz-LTD-Blue-PLA-Filament-Example 3D-Printz-LTD-Blue-PLA-Filament-Examples

Initial Tests - Crystal Yellow (1000PLACYLW)

Again I am amazed, and as a rule now I always start my prints at 80% of the max speed set, give me a little more time to make sure things are fine as it can be hard to view the first layer on the Geeetech A30.
With speeds upto 100mm/s on majority of my prints this crystal yellow was performing beautifully, and best if all its crystal! you can create some great effect with different infills and they look amazing with light projected through them.

It's Crystal!

The finish on my first test was just as good as the blue but obviously more pretty.. just because its yellow.. and did i say, it's crystal. well almost.

Over several weeks I pushed this filament through a variety of tests from general ornamental to structural parts and as I expected if performed first time and every time.
I did notice after a few weeks the end of the roll become brittle but only a few inches after that it was perfect but who knows I always store them well in many packages with many silica packs so i could just of been the time of year (late winter and spring in the UK can be damp) - how do you store yours?.

3D Printz UK Filament - Crystal Yellow PLA - Featured

From the initial test to now weeks down the line I am still using and still impressed every time with the look, the feel, the shine and just the overall performance this filament gives especially at speeds in excess of 100mm/s.

3D-Printz-LTD-Crystal-Yellow-Blue-PLA-Filament-Examples 3D-Printz-LTD-Crystal-Yellow-Blue-PLA-Filament-Example 3D-Printz-LTD-Crystal-Yellow-PLA-Filament-Example

Price (For Quality)

5.0 out of 5 Stars

3D Printz LTD Filament in my honest opinion is defiantly in the top runners of my all time favorite filament to use.
That good in fact that when ever i had to switch color and if i had a problem with another filament id put a 3D Printz LTD filament in almost helped clean the crap out and just instant performance. I was always questioning my beds level but no i was using shocking filament.
With both filaments i always had Instant perfect adhesion and the bed finish upon completion was lovely, smooth and shiney as was all layers. unless I printed a bumpy model the quality of the print to touch upon finish was well.. quality.
The filament stood the test of time so to speak as i wanted to give the filament a good few tests before i comment and this i must say has got to be one of the most pleasurable filaments to use. no headaches, i dont like headaches. kids give me enough..
I have ran both filaments with and without heated bed with continued success and hopefully i get to continue using this great product.

If you would like to see what im talking about head over to 3D Printz LTD Online Store and check out there variety of quality filaments.

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